41TE Fast Re-Learn 1998-up

Start the re-learn procedure before road test

With the wheels off the floor in the OD position:


1.  Apply throttle slowly to indicated 45-50 mph.

2.  Lift throttle gently allowing return to 20 mph

3.  Apply the brakes gently to bring wheels to a standstill

Repeat this at least 75 times.   When a light throttle 2-3 shift no longer bogs the engine you are ready for the road test.   With a scanner attached you will be ready for road test when the OD CVI reading is under 55.


Immediately after do a ‘fast re-schedule’ road test to re-schedule the 4-3 coast shift.


1.  At 38 mph lift the throttle and apply a very small amount of brake.  

2.    If the 4-3 coast downshift is rough at 26 to 20 mph repeat the 4-3 coast reschedule by lifting the throttle at 28 mph and adding just enough throttle at 32 to 35 mph to barely make a 3-2 kickdown.   Do this 40 times.   If the 4-3 coast downshift is still rough you will have to perform this procedure again up to 80 times.




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