Important Installation Instructions- Chrysler 62TE


Operating the vehicle in any manner without performing the procedures described below can cause immediate damage to the transmission.


Compare replacement transmission and torque converter to old unit.

Scan the vehicle computer, record and resolve all codes.

Flush or replace cooler, remove drain back valve in cooler line.

Check flex plate, drive axles and transmission mounts for cracks, breaks or wear.

Mount the torque converter completely in the transmission prior to installation in the vehicle. Follow torque converter instructions

Test all sensors and switches that have been transferred from the original transmission for correct operation.

Add Lube Supplement to Dexron III or Mercon V or use synthetic or ATF+4.

add 5 quarts of fluid. Continue adding fluid until full, as indicated on dipstick. For applications without dipstick follow Fluid Check Procedures.

Check the fluid level in NEUTRAL with the transmission at operating temperature.

The transmission vent is located on the pump and will allow fluid to leak if it is overfilled. This is not a pump leak.

Be sure the transmission has a good ground connection - reattach all ground straps to the correct location free or paint, grease, oil and corrosion.



A capable scan tool is necessary

Apply the brake

Be sure the engine speed is above 500 rpm

The throttle angle (TPS) must be less than 3 degrees.

The shift lever position must remain until prompted to shift to overdrive

The shift lever position must stay in overdrive after the Shift to Overdrive prompt and remain until the DRB lll indicates the procedure is complete.

The calculated oil temperature must be above 60 degrees F and below 2000F

I. Plug the DRB lll scan tool into the diagnostic connector located under the instrument panel.

2.  Go to the Transmission > Miscellaneous > Quick Learn Procedure screen.

3.  Follow the instructions of the DRB lll to perform the Quick Learn Procedure.


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