AXOD Throttle Cable Fix and Adjust

Throttle valve adjustment error is the most common cause of failure and re-repair on an AXOD transmission.
If you're happy with how the throttle valve is working install two hose clamps on the axle housing tightly against the adjuster. You are finished.
If the throttle is hard to push and the transmission has no upshifts, or late hard shifts, the system has probably defaulted to "Fail-safe". The following will get it working again and keep it working right:

Road test. Remember: The clamp is keeping the TV adjusted to absolute max, which may be too much. On the road test, use snap ring pliers and a screwdriver to adjust TV.
To reduce TV: Loosen the clamp and slide it away from the adjuster 3/32" . insert snap ring pliers to open the wedge lock and slide aft towards the bare cable. Still too much TV? Do it again.

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