ADAPTIVE LEARN for GM 6 Speed Transmissions with 'Learn' TCM


The transmission adaptive values learn is a procedure for 6-speed automatic transmissions in which the TCM “learns” individual clutch characteristics. Once the TCM learns the clutch data, the procedure translates it into the adaptive data cells, which the TCM uses for clutch control during shifts.


The scan tool lets you initiate the transmission adaptive values learn procedure, which you should perform after any of these transmission repairs:


    Transmission internal service or rebuild

    Valve body repair or replacement

    Control solenoid valve assembly replacement

    TCM software or calibration update

    Any service in response to shift quality


Failure to perform the procedure after one of these repairs may result in poor transmission performance or set a trouble code.


Before you begin the transmission adaptive values learn procedure, make sure of these conditions:


    Block the drive wheels

    Apply the parking brake

    Apply the service brake

    Zero percent throttle and no external engine RPM control

    Transmission fluid temperature (TFT) between 70ºC–100ºC (155ºF–215ºF)

    Cycle the transmission gear selector from park to reverse three times to purge air from the reverse clutches


If, at any time during the procedure, the required conditions aren’t met, the process may abort and you’ll need to start over from the beginning.


Now you’re ready to begin the transmission adaptive values learn procedure:


    Use your scan tool to navigate to Transmission Adaptive Values Learn:

        Module Diagnosis

        Transmission Control Module

        Configurations/Reset Functions

        Transmission Adaptive Values Learn

    Select the Transmission Adaptive Values Learn procedure. During the procedure, the scan tool data display will provide operator instructions. Follow the instructions as required.

    Once the procedure is complete, shut the engine off and power down the TCM. You’ll lose communication to the scan tool.

    Restart the engine. This will complete the transmission adaptive values learn procedure. After the procedure is completed, the transmission may remain in neutral.


  Turn the ignition off and remove the scan tool.






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