Auto Related Picture Gallery

 Gorgeous 1959 Cadillac WoodRose coupe owned by Greg Hodes  

 Transmission Exchange Co. equipped 1964 Thunderbird drives down the Champs Elise in Paris

   Kevin Eaton’s rare 1971 GMC ¾ ton 4x4

   Kim Larson overhauled the LaSalle trans in his ’31 Olds with Transmission Exchange Co. parts.

   This 1951 Ford pickup cruises Germany with a Transmission Exchange Co. 3 speed

    Steve Regula built this 1950 Jeep CJ3A with 302 V8 and C4 transmission

    Phil at P&H Motorsports, Salem Oregon built this beautiful orange 1956 F100

 Pat Brost's Transmission Exchange Co. equipped 1933 Plymouth

 Tall Toys all-terrain Jeep runs a Transmission Exchange Co SM420


 1991 Bud Lite Jaguar IMSA prtotype racer poses in front of itself

   Steve Canton’s 1932 Ford pickup with Transmission Exchange Co. TH400 & Performance Shift Kit

  Greg Hodes custom 1960 Ford Fairlane 500

  Leon Torgerson’s 1971 Ford Maverick in original showroom condition (16,000 miles)

  Transmission Exchange customer David Lew  of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec 500 hp 1978 Z28

 1951 M37 Military Truck restored by Gary Harris with a transmission from Transmission Exchange Co.

Daniel Rodriguez fords a stream in his Chevy

 Steve Regula's Transmission Exchange Co. equipped Astro Van conquers Moab
 Little red 1961 Corvette  

This Russian winter transport vehicle sports a Transmission Exchange Co. Extreme Duty Tow Matrix TH400 transmission
 A great race shot of Geoff Brabham's #83 Nissan GTP from 1987

 Beautiful red 1968 Triumph TR250 from the Greg Hodes Collection
 Danny Sullivan at speed, 1987

Dick Schultz Transmission Exchange Co. equipped 1960 Imperial 4 time national show winner
 Chrysler convertible custom built for President Eisenhower in 1954 runs a Transmission Exchange Co. Powerflight transmission
 This custom tricycle chopper has a Transmission Exchange Co. automatic transmission!

  Jeanne Warden’s hot ’69 Olds with Transmission Exchange Co. transmission

    Kowalski’s Dodge Challenger from the 1971 movie Vanishing Point
 Rick Mears yellow Pennzoil car, 1986 Indy 500
 Mario Andretti pit stop, Portland 1984
  AJ Foyt Copenhagen car, 1986 Indy 73k

 Group 44 Jaguar Prototype IMSA racer, Portland 1985

   The Bluesmobile – world’s most famous automobile
 Transmission Exchange Co equipped 76-mm Gun (WWII light tank)
 Australian falcon Mad Max Replica
 The Beatnik Bandit, classic custom hotrod
 This Transmission Exchange Co TH400 equipped 1927 Mack Bus hauls tourists in Skagway Alaska
 Beep-Beep 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

   World War II Military DUKW Duck

 '55 Chevy built by Richard Ruth for the 1971 movie Two-Lane Blacktop
 Mario Andretti with his crew at Indy, 1982. Do you recognize sons Michael and Jeff?
Transmission Exchange Co. equipped classic Diamond T truck

 Kevin Eaton’s tricked out Harley-Davidson Road King

   2003  BMW 330ci coupe owned by Greg Hodes

 Portland, Oregon skyline at night
Autzen Stadium, home of University of Oregon football

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