RE4R01A, R4A-EL, ECAT, RE5R05A Premature Planetary Failure

One area requires extra attention when addressing a complaint of repeat or premature planetary failure on this transmission: Clogged or Restricted Coolers The transmission coolers in the vehicles listed below are of the 'Fin' Type design. These fin type coolers will trap any contaminants in the fluid. Once the cooler is plugged or restricted with these contaminants lube oil to the transmission will be reduced. The fin type coolers cannot be properly cleaned using conventional methods. Cooler replacement will be required if the cooler is clogged or restricted. Acceptable cooler flow is 1 quart in 20 seconds returning to the transmission. However, we require replacing the cooler whenever the transmission is replaced. These Nissan vehicles are originally equipped with fin type coolers: MODEL YEAR 300ZX, 350ZX 1990-UP Truck 1988-UP Pathfinder 1988-UP, Various other Nissan RWD, 4WD, Mazda & Subaru vehicles equipped with this transmission have had cooler concerns, it is very highly recommended to replace the cooler when ever the transmission is replaced or repaired.

These transmissions will not be warranteed unless a Transmission Protection Kit part# PTK1 is purchased and properly installed.

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