Computer Diagnostics
There are two separate controller systems that are used for the RE5R05A transmission applications.

The TCM and the ECM are separate controllers that share information through a multiplex type


The TCM is located in the transmission on the later vehicles and on the right kick panel on earlier

model vehicles. The TCM includes all of the Transmission electronics, the TCM, Solenoids, TRS,

ISS, OSS and Pressure switch circuit board. This makes diagnosing

the RE5R05A difficult if you donít have the correct scan tool or the proper adapters for the scan tool.

The Function of the TCM is to:

Receive information from the input signals sent from the various switches and sensors mounted

on the transmission and share information from the ECM.

Determine required pressures, shift points, lock-up operation, and engine breaking operation

based on the various switches and sensors.

TCM Function

The TCM is constantly learning, this is called adaptive strategy. During this process the TCM is con-

stantly monitoring the driving conditions and driver behavior.

Adaptive Strategy allows the customer to feel a flawless shift until the transmission is not capable of

that shift. Typically this is at about the 75,000-100,000 mile marker. During and up until that time of

repair the TCM is constantly raising and lowering pressures.

This could cause you problems after an overhaul, if the computer is not reset.

NOTE: It is always recommended to reset the adaptive strategies before test driving the vehicle after


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