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Sales Policy


Remanufactured transmissions are sold exchange.    The exchange price reflects the cost after the core transmission has been received by us or the cost of rebuilding a qualified core.     A core is defined as the damaged transmission that was operating in the vehicle and is now in need of replacement. A core deposit is charged when  the remanufactured transmission is sold before the core is received.   There is no core deposit if the core is received at the time of sale or if the core is rebuilt.    There may be an additional charge for damaged external housings, disassembled core, or missing pieces.    These charges are always less than the core deposit.   There are no additional charges for damaged internal parts.


Terms:  Remanufactured transmissions are warranted for a period of 18 months or three years (see TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE CO. limited warranties for details) Our responsibility for damaged or lost merchandise ceases upon delivery to the transportation company in good order. No goods will be accepted for credit unless returned with invoice number.  A 10 percent charge to cover handling will be made on returned goods.  No return on used parts, books, videos or software.  No credit on parts or cores returned after six months.  No freight or labor credit on returned goods.

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